Why Exercise is important for our Health

Exercise. You’re always told to do it, but why? What’s all the commotion about it? Why is it necessary for us as humans to maintain good health?

Well, this article is going to answer all of the questions you have regarding how exercise benefits your body and mind.

At the end, you may not want to run a marathon, but you’ll see why getting a little out of breath from time to time is worth it.

Firstly, and most obviously, exercise helps us with our body composition. Losing fat, gaining muscle or simply maintaining a healthy weight all rely on physical exertion.

Our bodies were built to move and the body you have at the minute will reflect your lifestyle. You don’t need to have shredded abs, giant glutes or bulging biceps, but keeping a good body fat level is key to longevity and good health.

Next, exercise strengthens our immune system. If you’re someone who’s prone to getting ill, then you might want to think about hitting the gym a bit more often. Regular exercise not only reduces the risk of getting colds and coughs, but also staves off your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes among many other conditions.

Now, toned muscles aren’t just good for the beach and mirror; strengthening your muscles also improves the quality of your bones.

By increasing the strength in your muscles you also improve your bone mass: something that begins declining past the age of 30. This is why older people are more likely to be at risk of broken bones as theirs are so brittle. Luckily, by building your body early on you can reduce your chance of falls and injury later in life.

Talking about injuries; exercise improves your flexibility. In our modern lives we develop so much tightness simply from being still. Most of our jobs include being seated at a desk for long periods at a time only to come back and slouch on the couch.

Exercise can reduce tension, release tightness and open your muscles so you don’t get that constant ache in your lower back that’s been pestering you for months.

Yoga is a form of exercise designed to both relax your body and mind so both your thoughts and muscles become more flexible.

Lastly, do you have trouble getting to sleep? Well, exercise can help with that.

Our body uses sleep as a time to rest and recover from the day we’ve had. Unfortunately, we can often lay awake for longer than we want to, tossing and turning in the struggle to drift off. Yet, if we’ve done more things that day which our body needs to recover from then it’s going to be more tired when our head hits the pillow.

Some people also find exercise has a certain meditative quality which can help ease the mind. Thus, there will be less thoughts floating around your head come bedtime.

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Exercise is fantastic for a wide range of reasons. Though, take time in picking the form that’s right for you. One of the best things is that there’s a whole range of activities to pick from so you don’t have to just stick to one.

Equally, if you try one thing and it isn’t quite your style then there’s plenty of other options. If you’re having fun, then the results will come. The key with sticking to exercise really is finding something that you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore.


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