The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise which works to improve the alignment of the postures and the balance of the body. It focuses less on building the muscles and more on the elongation of the muscles to improve their elasticity and endurance. Here are some reasons of why you need to get on the gym mat and get started on pilates exercises.

Improves bone density

Pilates is not just for your core, it is effective in building up the bone density as well. It works on the muscles and the bone strength at the same time helping you achieve a flexible yet stronger body. Some exercises in pilates are specifically targeted towards increasing muscle strength.

Uniformly lean body

Pilates is a full body workout which emphases less on repetitions and more on the quality of postures. This is the reason, it gives a uniformly lean and well-shaped body. Instead of focusing on a specific set of muscles, pilates works on all the muscles equally to ensure muscular balance and consistency. 

Perfect for beginners

The workouts are easy to follow and requires little stamina in the beginning. Most of the exercises are performed while sitting or have low impact. This makes it perfect for beginners who want to ease their way into exercise.

Good for weight loss

Depending on the workout routine you are following, on average you can burn four to eight calories every minute with pilates. So it helps you lose weight and get a perfect body at the same time too. So it is about time you start practicing some pilates moves. These moves might look simple but attaining perfection with them will take a lot of time or effort. Get enrolled in a class or pair up with a friend to do it at home, either way, pilates has a lot of good in store for you.

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