I Hate Exercise!!!

I hate exercising is a comment made all the time around the world but why?

First of all you get hot and sweaty, out of breath, and feel like a sloth chasing a bus. This however is not the reason you hate exercise, you hate it because its boring.

Going on a treadmill is a humans version of a hamster wheel, so much effort but you are just staying in the same boring place. The treadmill dates back to the Victorian times in England where prisoners were punished by being placed on a treadmill or tread wheel which would generate energy to make flour. So what are we doing going in to a gym and running on one of these things?

You are a caged hen, and you want to be free range. You want your freedom, you want to discover the area you live in. If you are going to run then run outside, or run in the park. It feels ever so much better when you are outside and taking in fresh air with various landscapes to discover.

Gyms have many positives however my advice is that if you hate exercise then stay clear of them. The 12 month membership you have just signed up to will be used about 4 times. So save your money, buy some decent running shoes, and get outdoors.

If you hate exercising then stay away from the general ways of training. Find something that you enjoy doing as you are more likely to stick with it. There is so much out there that you can try such as running in the countryside or parks, taking part in a sport, or attending a dance class.

If you enjoy music and dance then clubs in the city have day time raves that are exercise or dancing based. If you enjoy getting out in the countryside then cycling is a good way of exercising while venturing in to a peaceful place. I recently felt like a kid again by going to an indoor obstacle course. It felt like I was just clowning around at the time but once I got home I had realised that it was a very good workout for the whole body. Other visits to your childhood could be trampolining, or even ice skating. We all had fun when we were children right?

As a personal trainer I try to make my sessions fun, creative, and interesting. Many of my clients hate exercise with a passion but once they get in to a routine doing something that they enjoy doing, then they are half way to achieving their goals.

If you hate exercising then start off by trying as many things as possible. Approach everything with an open mind and you will soon discover what you like. Exercise is like a career, there are so many careers out there but not all of them are for you. There are office jobs, practical jobs, or jobs that require travel. There is something out there for everyone, it is your job to find your own way of exercising.

If you need any help then please comment below and I will answer any questions you might have.

2 comments on “I Hate Exercise!!!

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you here. I used to workout in the gym but it just got so depressing after a while. Now I try to run outdoors or cycle outdoors – but mostly I workout in my living room with a Netflix show on to distract me from how heavy my lifting feels. Joining a dance class or a martial arts class is great because you’re having fun whilst exercising, and I think that is supposed to be the whole point of it all!

    • Yes it is most certainly all about finding something you enjoy doing. Exercise is for you both physically and mentally, so you can’t go wrong with a bit of laughter along the way.

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