Are You Eating Too Quickly Or Mindlessly?

Almost all of us eat too fast, with too many distractions around us its hard not to. Time is money, and we’re busy people. But does it matter?

When we eat too quickly and without full attention, we miss important hunger and fullness cues, along with other body cues such as how certain foods make us feel physically.

If we get used to eating while doing other things such as watching TV or working on your laptop, then we will start to feel like we should be eating when doing these things.

Have you ever noticed that when watching TV you binge on snacks? Then when it gets to the adverts you will get up and refill the bowl with potato chips or chocolate. You will be doing this without realising it.

Binge TV watching = Binge Eating

When you are eating on the go or during busy times ,you will eat on the job, such as sat at your computer or driving to your next meeting. Because you are not concentrating on eating then your body misses that you have eaten as the mind is elsewhere. It doesn’t notice that you have just eaten a meal deal and when you get home and have a moment to yourself then you will go and eat again. This becomes a problem as you are then eating more food than you actually need.

You need to make time for your food regardless as to how busy you think your life is. Sit down with no distractions and take some time out of your day to enjoy what you are eating. Take in the taste, smell, and various flavours in your meal. Reflect on what you are eating and how it is going to help you complete the rest of your day.

Aim to eat in the staff room at work, sit at the dinner table at home. Also aim not to stand whilst eating. Once you are sat down then take time eating your food, no matter how tasty it is, or how much work you have to get back to.

If you can get yourself in to this routine then your body will thank you as your body can trigger your hunger or fullness cues. You can then thank your body as you wont be gaining any extra pounds through eating too much.

Do you eat on the go? Do you binge eat? Do you eat too fast?

Stop, take time, and enjoy yourself.

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  1. I totally love to snack and watch tv. I especially find correlation between baking shows and my snacking.

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