The Next Big Thing….Online Training

Online training appears to be the next big thing in the fitness industry. It is affordable, informative, and structured to ensure you are receiving reliable advice and stick to a routine.

What is online training?

Online training is basically a personal trainer that you will never meet. A personal trainer creates an exercise plan for you to follow via an app. You will have a weekly plan to complete and the trainer will change your workouts as you progress. They also send you messages to see how things are going, keep you on track, and give you a little motivation boost along the way.

Why is online training the next big thing?

There are a few reasons why online training is on the rise. First of all, fitness instructors appear to be disappearing from the gym floor. This change sees personal trainers as the only people to ask for help and these tend to be busy with their one on one clients.

Continuing on personal trainers, they are out of most peoples price range. This once again prevents gym members from receiving guidance on how to exercise. Members being left to their own devices is a recipe for disaster as without a plan they won’t stick to a routine, and will more than likely disappear in a few weeks.

Finally for most people, their routine is boring, monotonous, and they just don’t know what they need to change. Times are changing in the fitness industry and regular contact with a fitness professional is key for most people achieving their goals.

What is involved in online training?

Online training is basically a personal trainer in your pocket. Fitness professionals use an app that their clients can log in to on the move.

This service includes

  • Personalised monthly workouts
  • A weekly schedule to stick to
  • Motivation from the trainer through the app
  • Some include a nutrition plan
  • Videos of each workout

Who is online training for?

In short, online training is for anyone. It is an affordable service which allows any person who wants to take part in an exercise programme to do so. It is for those people who struggle to stick to a regular gym routine. It is for people who require guidance on what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Who is online training not for?

The only people who I would say would struggle with following an online training programme are those who require someone to be there. These could be people who wouldn’t go to the gym unless they booked an appointment, or those who wouldn’t push themselves when following the programme.

In conclusion, online training is on the rise. With more fitness professionals starting to offering this service and members of the public starting to discover that this service actually works.

Keep an eye out for fitness professionals offering this service and go give it a go!

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