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What Does It Take To Get a 6 Pack?

What does it take to get a 6 pack is an article that gives 6 key factors to achieving this goal. Start your fitness journey to rock solid abs.

These days it seems to be everyones vision of the ‘complete package’. If you have a 6 pack it is supposed to show that you are fit, strong, and healthy. But what does it actually take to get a 6 pack?

There are 6 key factors when it comes to achieving this goal

Low body fat percentage

Lets start with body image as this is why you want a 6 pack at the end of the day. First of all everyone has a 6 pack, but for most people it is just hibernating under a layer of body fat or two.

To have a visible 6 pack you would need to have a low body fat percentage. For males this would need to be between 6-10% and for females it would need to be 15-19%. The top two abs can come through with a slightly higher body fat percentage.

Hard work

Now these people who have 6 packs don’t get theirs from doing half-hearted exercise sessions or skipping the gym to go out to the pub. They get theirs through hard work and determination, making sure every gym session counts. You need to bump up the intensity of your sessions and focus on the end goal.

A regular routine

A regular routine is key as it makes sure you are keeping on track. If you skip gym sessions or your weekend turns in to a week off, then you aren’t going to get anywhere near.

Intense cardio

Short bursts of cardio consisting of High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is what is needed to strip body fat to unveil those 6 muscle pockets on your stomach. Aim for 20-30 minutes of your chosen cardio activity such as rowing or sprinting. Make sure you focus on the intensity and push yourself to the limit.

Weight training

Weight training helps boost your overall metabolism allowing you to strip body fat off your body. This is because the more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism therefore the more body fat you burn. Also doing a full body weight session will engage your core during each exercise.

When it comes to weight training you should incorporate some weighted stomach exercises and treat the muscles in your stomach the same as any other muscle in the body. Dont just do some sit ups and a plank, its not enough.


How many times have you heard people say that abs are produced in the kitchen. Well its true, you will not have a 6 pack, if you are having 6 packs of potato chips. Reducing your amount of refined sugars and processed foods is a good start. You also have to be extremely disciplined to go from a 2 pack to a 6 pack.

Overall, you have to ask yourself a question…..How much do you want it?

A 6 pack requires the life and commitment of a fitness model and you will have to sacrifice your time, your chocolate binges, and your alcohol on a sunny day. It requires dedication, motivation, and structure to succeed.

Good luck with your mission to rock solid abs. I hope you make it!

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  1. Hard work, bottom line. No shortcut to this and people spend just as much effort looking for that easy path. Good article.

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