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A Simple Guide To Losing Weight

In short losing weight is relatively simple. To lose weight your body must be burning more calories than you are taking in and that is it. Doesn’t sound hard does it? Then why do so many people struggle with what sounds like such a simple task?

There are a variety of reasons why people don’t manage to get to their ideal weight and hopefully after reading this, you will be able to start to ask yourself questions that need to be answered, how to track your results, what you need to do, and how you should be when doing it.

In this guide we will explain the steps you are going to take to get closer to achieving your goal of losing weight.


As the saying goes ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Start thinking of how you are going to lose weight.

  • Is it going to be through just dieting (I don’t recommend)
  • Is it going to be a combination of exercise and dieting? (recommended)
  • What type of activity are you going to be doing?
  • Do you need professional help?
  • How many times per week are you going to exercise?
  • How long do you have for each exercise session?
  • What foods are you going to consume?
  • Do you need to prepare meals for lunch the night before?

The greater you plan your schedule, the easier it will be to lose weight. Know what you are going to do and go do it!


When it comes to losing weight, the go to tracker for all people has been those horrendous scales in the bathroom. People become obsessed with them and can’t help but jump on them every time they go to the loo. This is not healthy so stop right now!

You should be tracking weight a maximum of once per week. My recommendation would be every two weeks so you aren’t becoming obsessed with what the scales say. Weight can change on a regular basis and you need to focus on which way it is going rather than what it says each time you step on them.

Tracking should take everything in to consideration. Use a variety of ways to track your progress. Use ‘my fitness pal’ to track calories in, track your workouts and keep increasing what you are doing, take progress photos of yourself, take your body measurements, and maybe even write a diary to track how you are feeling on your journey.


Many people start their journey to losing weight but as soon as they get to a difficult time they give up rather than pushing through it. Losing weight is simple, but you must be prepared to challenge yourself, increase the intensity of your sessions, and whatever you do, don’t get comfortable.

If you can do more, then do more. If you can increase your speed, then do it, if you can do one more repetition, then do it!


Your journey doesn’t have to be boring. After all, who wants to do something boring?

Get your friends and family involved, make home made kebabs with your kids, find an activity you love, and laugh along the way.

Don’t stress yourself out about what the scales say, whether you are having a bad day, or if you slipped up and ate something you didn’t mean to. Sometimes the temptation is just too much. It is all about taking action to get back on track!


Reap the rewards after all the hard work you put in; You deserve it. Celebrate your achievements, go shopping for new clothes, throw the old ones out so you don’t allow your weight to creep back up. A change in lifestyle for the better is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You are now a fitter, lighter, stronger version of yourself and you should be proud.

What are your tips to losing weight? How did you do it? We would love you to share your thoughts to help others achieve their goals too.

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