How To Fit Exercise In To Your Busy Schedule

These days we are all busy, work seems to take over our lives and our family take over the rest of our time. The thing that takes a back seat is your own health.

You notice other people exercising around you and tell yourself that you will start your exercise regime on Monday, then another week goes by and before you know it you haven’t focussed on your own health for over a year.

You feel tired and after a long day at work and once the kids are in bed you just want to put your feet up and catch up on some TV.

The only problem with this lifestyle is your health is deteriorating. It is time to improve your overall health and get some exercise back in to your life, but how?

Well with a few changes to your lifestyle you can create time to fit an exercise routine in to your weekly lifestyle regardless as to how busy you are. Heres how……

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the best way to fit exercise in to your busy schedule. If you just try and fit it in then you will always find something else will take up your time such as emails or a coffee with a friend.

If you plan your weekly routine then you will find you can make time to exercise the sufficient amount of time. Just like you schedule in meetings, you should schedule in your meetings with the gym.

Prepare Your Meals

Preparing your meals involves everything from going to the supermarket to doing your food preparation in bulk. If you plan your healthy meals in advance it will make you feel nice and want to do some exercise. If you grab a pizza then you will just want to lie on the sofa and spend some time with your food baby.

Preparing your meals may seem like a pain when you are doing it however it is basically just cooking one meal but in bulk, so all you need to do is add more ingredients. This is using your time efficiently as when it gets to those busy moments you will have some nutritious food available.

Make a cous cous salad with beetroot, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and onions. This can last for a few days. Cook a whole chicken instead of one chicken breast and you will have a good source of protein for days.

Use Your Weekends Wisely

The weekends are where your time is your personal time. The office is shut, people don’t send emails over the weekend, and you have from the moment you wake up all the way until you go and get some shut eye.

The weekends are where you should aim to fit in two quality exercise sessions. This way your gym sessions in the week can be short and sweet. Focus on good one hour sessions focussing on your main goal along with other things such as core work that time more time. This way you can hit the gym mid week and be in and out with a high intensity 30 minute gym session.

Make Gym Visits Convenient

These days there are health clubs all over the place. We are living in a world of budget gyms that offer all the equipment you need for the price of a vanilla latte and a ham and cheese panini. Skip the lunch one day and you can afford a monthly gym membership at the club down the street from the office.

You can then hop in the gym and do your mid week gym sessions before work, during your lunch break, or straight after work. You may think that this is not possible however if you do a session before or after work then you are exercising when you would be stuck in the rush hour traffic. This is using your time wisely as you are working towards your fitness goals and avoiding stressful traffic jams.

Use Your Lunch Hour

Most people feel as though they will just grab some food on the go. They will grab a floppy overpriced sandwich and eat it at their desk. First of all your lunch hour is your personal hour. Invest this time in to yourself and you will be achieving your goals in no time at all.

If you plan your lunch the night before, you can eat this in 10 minutes, get your kit on and start running those streets. It takes you out of a stressful, demotivating environment and allows you time to improve your health and give you a break from spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations.

Take Your Networking To The Gym

As Pharrell Williams says ‘It might seem crazy what I’m about to say’ in the song ‘Happy’ but take your networking to the gym. After all the song is called happy and you will be too. You will have ticked off your discussions and feel happier both mentally and physically.

The way you should look at it is that everyone is in the same boat and overloaded with work. If you are in this position then they are too. It won’t work with everyone however if you don’t ask you don’t get, and I’m sure that some will be up for a discussion while running, or in the sauna after a group personal training session.

Workout With Your Kids

I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years and one thing I found is that kids love to copy their parents. Clients kids are always wanting to do some press ups, and are always wanting to come and join us on our run while they ride their scooter in the park.

Kids are full of beans and you might as well burn off that excess energy while you burn off additional body fat. You are also setting a good example to your kids and they look up to you. So be a role model and invite them out to the park to improve both yours and your kids fitness.

There are also many parents and kids exercise classes around these days, and most gyms have junior gym times that you both can visit to allow you both to exercise together.

In conclusion, saying you are too busy is just an excuse. If you truly want to do something then you will make time. There are 168 hours in a week and you are telling yourself you don’t have time to exercise?

There are many ways to fit exercise in to your busy schedule and hopefully this article has helped you think of possible ways that may work for you.

Plan your weeks, prepare your meals, and train with people.

Your health should be a priority!

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  1. I just posted an article about this a few days ago. I caught myself questioning why I’m writing it because at the end of the day you will make excuses if you don’t want to go. But for those that may need some tweaking this is a great article!

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