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One More Rep!

You visit the gym with the intentions to improve your fitness and your body image. You walk in to the resistance area to bulk up, tone up, and become stronger.

Every time you leave the gym you should feel as though you have done as much as you can and got the most out of each and every session you do.

Every successful weight session always starts from the mind; if your mind is set on breaking a particular limit, you stand a better chance than when your mind is not connected to your routines.

Every time you step in to the weights section to do your routine, you must stand up with the heart of a lion and the ferociousness it has. You will be tired, you will feel like giving up, the pain will be unbearable, but you can do one more rep!

Every rep counts and the further you push your limits, the greater the reward. You need to tell yourself you can do it, don’t give up when it feels tough, and push through the pain barrier.

We all have this thing in us that knows that we can face obstacles, that we can reach for the impossible and that we can attain the unimaginable; it is only our fears that keeps it shackled in there.

When you feel like your body can no longer take it, it is time to take a deep breath and release that beast in you that has the capacity to burst through bonds, chains and strongholds; trust me, you will never know how far you can go until you have gone all the way.

Remember, you are not working out because you are ashamed of your body; you are working out because you love your body and you want to bring the best out of it. Always remind yourself the reasons you started exercising and you will see why you need to hold on for one or two more reps.

Just like everything in life, your exercise routines should be growing in reps as you spend your workout time in absolute commitment and determination; if you have faith, you can move mountains, if your faith is met by a resolute and ruthless audacity to become a better version of yourself.

Nothing in life will ever come easy; you will pay the price of your dream body with your sheer will and the sweat of your brows. The earlier you pay your price in full, the faster your transformation into your dream self. If you want it so badly, fix your ponytail and give one or two more reps than you did the last time.

In conclusion, like every other thing in life, progress is needed; if you are still doing the same number of reps than you were doing two or three months ago, then you are not making progress.

You need to increase your repetitions, increase the weight, and increase the volume of your workouts. Only then will you be able to change in to a stronger version of yourself.

Change the venue, change the routine, change the equipment or change your sweat shirt; whatever you need to do to improve, now is the time to get into the zone and break records. You are capable of so much more, only if you dare!

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  1. Love this article. There is a lot to gain from the last few reps. Anyone can enter a weight room and perform reps, not everyone can muster the strength to push through until ultimate failure. The point where all your energy is being depleted just to keep the weight still. That is where the results are hidden.

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