Can You Spot Reduce Body Fat?

Spot reduce body fat

Spot reducing body fat simply means losing fat from a certain part of your body by using specific exercises. For instance, using ab crunches to shed belly fat or doing tricep dips to lose those bingo wings.

Today, we’re going to look at whether this is actually a viable option and whether certain movements can indeed help you target the unwanted fat on your body.

The areas that fat is stripped from is determined by your hormones and body type. You may have noticed that men and women store fat in different areas, and this is because of their differing levels of various hormones. Women store more fat around their hips and legs whereas men store it on their stomach. Because these are the common places for people to store body fat from then it tends to be the place that they want to shift the body fat from.

Can you target body fat?

When you lose fat, you have no control over where it comes off. Your body takes it from the most easily accessible or least necessary space first. Unfortuantely, this makes spot reducing fat false.

No amount of ab exercises will help you strip fat from your belly and doing endless amount of squats won’t help to trim your legs.

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What exercise can do however, is increase your metabolism and muscle mass whilst helping to burn calories. In turn, this will help you to lose fat. Overtime the fat that’s stored in the place you’re specifically trying to lose it from will disappear. This takes time, patience, consistency and dedication.

How to lose body fat

If you stick with your goal by exercising 3-4 times a week for 40-50 minutes including high intensity cardio and weight training, alongside maintaining a 200-300 calorie deficit per day, your body will soon look exactly how you want it to.

It is important to understand how to lose fat in the first place. You may have heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” referring to the fact that your diet will make a greater impact on your body compositon than anything else.

It’s far easier not to eat 200 calories than it is to burn it off. One kit-kat is roughly that amount and it would take about 30 minutes of moderate exercise to burn it off. It’s also far easier to keep a consistent diet everyday than exercise every day.

Calories in versus calories out is what matters first and foremast for fat loss. You can’t burn body fat by eating more energy than your body is burning as this energy will then be stored in the form of fat. Thus, increasing your body fat percentage.

Facts for fat loss

  • Fat loss can not just be lost off one specific part of the body
  • No amount of sit ups will create a flat stomach
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet is needed
  • Doing weight training for your major muscle groups will increase your overall muscle mass which will help you burn off body fat
  • High intensity cardio exercise for 20 minutes twice per week will help you burn off body fat
  • Reducing body fat requires dedication, a stable routine, and hard work.
  • The best way to lose body fat is through keeping active, eating well, and exercising properly.


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