How To Maintain Fitness Progress Through The Weekend

Are you working towards your fitness goals but feel as though you aren’t making the relevant progress? One thing you must consider is how you spend your weekends.

We are programmed to live for the weekend. Go out and enjoy yourself after a hectic week of work commitments. Treat yourself to a few drinks or even a night out on the town. Indulge in your favourite foods whilst socialising with friends.

The weekend gives you a sense of freedom after the predictable week of working, exercising, and eating well. Where the problem lies is your exercise routine and eating habits go out of the window.

I am not saying that you should be a recluse or live in the gym. What you need to focus on is maintaining the same pattern that you have in the week.

How You Should Live Your Weekend

Lets talk about how you should live your weekend. Here are a few key points to remember when the weekend comes.

Get Your Exercise Session Done

The best tip I can give you for your weekend gym session is GET IT DONE. On both Saturdays and Sundays you should wake up, get your gym clothes on and hit the gym. The sooner you get your exercise session done, the quicker you can go and enjoy your day.

It is tempting to have a lazy morning or go and meet friends for brunch. The longer you leave it though, the less likely you are to go and do it. This is why my first point is to get your exercise session done as soon as possible.

Be Active

The weekends are for doing whatever you like. If you are on a fitness journey then you must concentrate on keeping active. Picture a week as 100%. Your weekend is 28.6% of each week. Spending your weekend lying on the sofa watching sports or binging on Netflix is not a wise decision.

For your results to continue progressing, you MUST keep active over your weekend. This can be a long walk with the family, taking the kids trampolining, or having a game of 5 a side football with friends.

Two Good Meals

The way that I look at the weekend is that if you have two good meals then you can have one ‘cheat’ meal a day. I am not saying go out and have a 3 course dinner. Instead indulge in a meal that usually wouldn’t be in your eating plan.

I am not a major fan of a cheat day as I believe that you should be able to enjoy food throughout the whole week. Personally I find that the foods I eat most of the time are enjoyable as they are full of flavour and nutrients.


A week at work is fatiguing so the weekend is a good way to recuperate and get an extra hour or two of sleep each week. Sleep is crucial to your overall health.

Read ‘why sleep is so important’ here

Sleep is important because if you are low on energy, then you are more likely to do nothing and binge eat to try and pick yourself back up.

It is important to recharge those batteries.

Have Fun

I may sound like a killjoy, so it is best to finish on a good one – HAVE FUN.

You work hard so you deserve to have some freedom. The weekend is your free time and you deserve to enjoy it. Have fun, but it does not have to include copious amounts of alcohol and a kebab every weekend.

Overall, the weekend is your time and how you spend it is completely up to you. My words of advice to live a healthy life and achieve your fitness goals are to balance your weekend. If you take note of my points through this article, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals while having fun.




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