My Top 5 Training Tops

I know going to the gym is about achieving your fitness goals, but why not look good at the same time. With the increase in popularity of health and fitness, sportswear brands are realising that fashion isn’t just on the cat walk.

Take a look at my top 5 training tops below. I may be slightly biased with my first post on sportswear as all of the clothing I wear when training my clients or attending the gym tends to be nike. There are plenty of other brands in my wardrobe such as under armour, adidas, and asics. I will cover those next time.

For now though, if you are looking for some quality sportswear then take a look at my ‘Top 5 training tops’ and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Training in a baggy t shirt or a cotton t shirt from 10 years ago just doesn’t cut it. If you are serious about your training then it is always best to invest in some dri-fit clothing.

Nike Zonal Cool Relay Training Top


Nike Dry Run Club Training Top

Nike – Dri-Fit Knit Running Top


Nike Dri-Fit Training Top


Nike Swoosh Athlete Training Top


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