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Do You Know Why You Want To Get Fit?

As a personal trainer I hear many varied goals, but I rarely hear about the true reasons why getting fit is so important.

Why is this?

Well the crazy thing is people don’t actually know.

Everyone is always focussed on what they want rather than why they want it. Without a clear understanding as to why you want something, then you will find that you will only put in 50%, go through ups and downs, or even give up.

Deeper motivations help you stay focussed, determined, and keep moving forwards. These motivations keep you on track when the going gets tough. This is why it is essential to sit down, take a pen and paper out, and truly understand why you are doing this.

How to find your why

This is a simple concept and takes no time at all. All you have to do is ask yourself why five times. Each time you ask why, you build on your previous answer, until you get to a deeper understanding of what drives you or what the meaning of this goal has to you.

Heres an example to show you how it works

You – I want to lose weight

Me – Why do you want to lose weight?

You – Well, I feel sluggish and tired at my current weight

Me – Why do you feel sluggish and tired at your current weight?

You – Simple tasks like walking up the stairs or playing with my kids is a challenge

Me – Why do you want to make these tasks easier?

You – Just to make these tasks easier so I can do more

Me – Why do you want to do more?

You – Well, I can’t do as much with each day and I can’t do as much with my kids these days.

Me – Why does that bother you?

You – Because I want to be an active parent and a role model to my kids. Its frustrating when they want to play sports in the garden and I can’t join in. I want to be a family that does fun activities together and at the moment I get so out of breath that we can’t do all of these together.

This process allows you to go from a vague and generic reason, to a good understanding as to why this is important to you. It gives you a deeper meaning to your goals which will motivate you to push on and improve yourself even when the going gets tough.

As you can probably tell, this task takes under one minute of your time but will help you on the rest of your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It is best to do this task with someone else as saying your reasons out loud will hold you accountable and you will take in your own answers better. It is always best not to think too long about each answer and answer each question as honestly as possible.

With these new-found reasons then you are ready to commit, put in 110%, and achieve things you could only ever dream of.

Knowing your why will be with you every step of your journey. When you can’t be bothered to exercise or are tempted by foods you shouldn’t be consuming, then just remember your why.

6 comments on “Do You Know Why You Want To Get Fit?

  1. Great tip for anything you do in life! Knowing Why is key!

    xoxo Christie

  2. Yea, that’s a great way to look at losing weight. I’m currently getting back to a workout routine now.

  3. I really want to build muscle and tone, but I have such a hard time staying consistent!

  4. Having a goal and understanding it makes finding that motivation and encouragement so much more easier.

  5. It’s so hard sometimes to find the motivation. My best motivation lately has been fitting into my wedding dress! Short term but it helps.

  6. I like this approach, really getting people to identify a real motivational goal. Usually the initial superficial answer isn’t motivating enough to get people committed.

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